Outsourcing has been significantly changed over the last few years.  2016 will bring the new trends in the outsourcing world.

Outsourcing companies will have to adopt result oriented approach.

Companies will prefer to have its IT operations to be done in a single service center rather than multiple service providers. I mean to say they will move towards a centralized approach.

Cloud is not going to take over, please not that the data security is still a big concerned and it is not going to be adopted by everyone anytime soon, not at least in 2016.

And last but not the least, the quality of Client service will remain the top priority like always.

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Among the IT outsourcing trends, pricing and market response remain the biggest drivers. Below are some of the IT Outsourcing trends such as:

  • Social media is the most extraordinary trend.
  • Talent networks like LinkedIn, helps in shaping the trend of global corporate recruitment market to a far greater extent than imaginable, in the current time.
  • Hundreds of job boards/Portals on the internet offer a huge database of potential talented individuals to thousands of employees worldwide.
  • Sourcing the data from experts & staffing companies comes handy.
  • One raising IT outsourcing trend is research and analysis of the big data of a talented bunch of individuals that is there in the recruitment market.

Unordered & Ordered Lists

Check the slide deck I’ve recently created about the Outsourcing Trends here: IT Outsourcing Trends – 2015 and beyond


  1. As business complexity increases so does the number of technology partners, therefore project governance will become a challenge
  2. Some large deals will be split into smaller ones for more transparency and control and small projects might be aggregated into complex, enterprise wide solutions
  3. Shift in focus from the lowest cost to best quality, agility & efficiency at optimum cost
  4. Enterprises moving into the cloud
  5. Service integration capabilities become a must for IT service providers
  6. Co-opetition between IT service providers, supported by contractual agreements (cooperation is required by large enterprises)
  7. More insourcing for strategic focus domains
  8. Automation, development & implementation of robot like technologies  (supported also by artificial intelligence advancements)
  9. Sophisticated pricing models, based on results
  10. Move from the reactive RFP approach to proactive “lets discover together what works best for my organisation” approach
  11. Business driven instead of technology driven organisations
  12. Large contracts renegotiation, focus on IT service providers risk management, more focus on SLAs, security and IP protection

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This year brought the IT outsourcing industry an increase in hybrid offshoring and a greater focus on in-house service integration. Here are some IT outsourcing trends that you will see in the coming months of 2015 :-

1. Outsourcing clients are increasingly looking for more vertical expertise from their vendors.
2. Emerging technologies like cloud computing, service providers will offer more outcome-based pricing.
3. Both buyers and suppliers are showing interest in managed services
4.  Clients are confident that pricing for infrastructure services is competitive for year one and year two of an agreement

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